My Homeschool Education: The Weaker Subjects, And State Testing

Two of the weaker links in my homeschool education were social studies and science.  Hopefully they’ve improved it by now, but Bob Jones science and history were terribly boring in the 90s, and we didn’t do a lot to amplify them.

Once, my mom entered me into the homeschool geography bee.  I did not do well.  (My future husband won that bee twice and went onto the statewide geography bee once.)   Why wasn’t I entered in a spelling bee, or a show-your-work at math bee?  I could have aced those!

I remember taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills a couple of times.  I don’t think it was required by our state, but my parents wanted us to do it to make sure we were learning everything we were supposed to be.  Those were easy, even if I didn’t know my history or geography very well.  Hello, multiple choice math problems?  Who could not get those right?

I vaguely remember taking extra schoolwork to work on in-between the different sections of the ITBS tests.  Goodness, homeschool parents were slave drivers!  I scored well on those tests, and my parents were probably relieved to know that they were giving me a satisfactory education according to state standards.

During my junior year in high school, I took the ACT.  I don’t remember my score (a 28, maybe?) but I know I did amazing in English, good in math, and guessed at everything else.  That was enough to get me a well-above-average score, so evidently everyone else has some holes in their education, too.